Sat 12th June 2010


QLD Boxer Club Memorial Championship Show


Judge – Mrs Doreen Powell ( South Africa )

Entries 71 Absent 21


Baby Puppy
1    Bandido Blendit Like Beckham                         Woodrow

2    Boxvale Stormy Encounter (AI)                        Campbell Bastin

3    Kadence Luvn Livn At Juelle                             Cooper


Minor Puppy Dog

1    Boxalicious Maximus Orelius                           Tassen

2    Keljamar A Perfect Image                                Poole

3    Stinsgarth Cheeky Charein (imp NZ)                Greenhill


Puppy Dog

1    Kuroona Uncommon Valour                             Witherspoon

2    Juelle Bear It All                                               Smitheringale
3    Chizack Woody Woodpecker (AI)                   Hobday


Intermediate Dog

1    CH Boxvale Boogie Nights                               Campbell   Bastin

2    CH Jetboom Flight of Fame                              Sadler Jonsson


Australian Bred Dog

1    CH Ozstock Evan Almighty                              Woodrow

2    CH Tonup Cross Country Run                          Finnigan

3    CH Sima Charlie                                               Haydon Dell

Open Dog

1    CH Saxonee Take no Prisners                          McArthur

2    CH Kellynda Blend of Thebest                         Poole

3    CH Jetboom Bonfire Night                               Jonsson Morrow


Challenge Dog     CH Boxvale Boogie Nights                       

Res Chall Dog     CH Saxonee Take no Prisners                


Baby Puppy Bitch (5)

1    Boxvale Ina Brief Storm (AI)                            Campbell   Bastin
2    Kuroona Ask No Questions                             Witherspoon

3    Kuroona Vee Demour                                      Haydon Dell


Minor Puppy Bitch

1    Keljamar True Perfection                                  Poole


Puppy Bitch

1    Juelle Teddys Little Diva                                    Smitheringale

2    Kuroona Billie Jean                                           Haydon Dell


Junior Bitch (7)

1    Ronin all Riled Up at Keljamar                          Poole
2    Bandido Epponnee Raeat Redbush                   Carstens

3    Jumbaran Hogwartz Express                             Bryant


Intermediate Bitch (8)

1    CH Kadence Elusive Encounter                        Gibson

2    Kuroona Aveda                                                Witherspoon

3    Kellynda A Perfect Blend                                 Poole

Australian Bred Bitch

1    CH Boxvale Rockingupa Storm (AI)                Campbell   Bastin

2    CH Saxonee Times on Myside                          Murdoch

3    Kirkgate Miss Jacinta                                       Finnigan  Jonsson  


Open Bitch
1    NZ CH Ronin Sip of Scotch (Imp NZ)             Owen

2    CH Toorork Golden Hope                               Morrow

3    Redbush a Fine Blend                                       Carstens


Challenge Bitch     NZCH Ronin Sip of Scotch (Imp NZ)        

Res Chall Bitch     CH Kadence Elusive Encounter              



Best In Show                             CH Boxvale Boogie Nights 

2010BIS.jpg (101736 bytes)



Runner Up Best In Show          CH Ronin Sip of Scotch (Imp NZ)  

2010RuBIS.jpg (80851 bytes)   




Baby Puppy in Show           Boxvale Ina Brief Storm (AI)

2010BBPIS.jpg (63640 bytes)


Opp Baby                           Bandido Blendit Like Beckham       

 2010OBPiS.jpg (54941 bytes)


Minor Puppy in Show          Keljamar True Perfection 

 2010BMiS.jpg (62292 bytes)  


Opp Minor                          Boxalicious Maximus Orelius         

 2010OMPiS.jpg (51175 bytes)


Puppy in Show                     Kuroona Uncommon Valour   

2010BPiS.jpg (74560 bytes)     


Opp Puppy                          Juelle Teddy’s Little Diva              

 2010OPiS.jpg (61609 bytes)


Junior in Show                     Ronin all Riled Up at Keljamar 

 2010BJiS.jpg (76897 bytes) 


Opp Junior                           nil


Intermediate in Show           CH Boxvale Boogie Nights 

2010BIS.jpg (101736 bytes)



Opp Inter                            CH Kadence Elusive Encounter        

 2010RBC.jpg (55991 bytes)


Aust Bred in Show              CH Boxvale Rockingupa Storm (AI)  

2010BABiS.jpg (102113 bytes)   


Opp Aust Bred                    CH Ozstock Evan Almighty      

2010OABiS.jpg (62050 bytes) 


Open in Show                     NZ CH Ronin Sip of Scotch (ImpNZ) 

2010RuBIS.jpg (80851 bytes)


Opp Open                          CH Saxonee Take No Prisners       

 2010RDC.jpg (56400 bytes)







Baby Puppy Dog

 1st        Exhibit No 1                 Red White, Tailed.   Temperament very good.  Sturdy, 5 ˝ months.  Red dog, good bone, square head.  Excellent dark eye, good width muzzle.  Happy, moved well. Stood great.  Overall very good.

 2nd        Exhibit No 3                 Light brindle, tailed.  Very good temperament.  Happy young Boxer.  Will tighten up on growth.  Good eye, ear set.  Good level topline.  Overall very good.

 3rd        Exhibit No 6                 Light brindle, docked tail.   Very young puppy.  Lovely eye set, ears.   Will tighten up as growth comes.  Overall very good.



Minor Puppy Dog

 1st        Exhibit No 8                 Dark brindle, tailed.  Excellent temperament.  Good width head.  Level back, moved well going and coming, slightly close coming.  Lovely  neck.   Good stifle.  Moved well.

 2nd          Exhibit No 7                 Gold brindle, tailed.  Lovely dark eye, good width head.  Good solid bone, moved well going.  Still young and will tighten up.

 3rd        Exhibit No 10               Gold brindle.  Good temperament.  Shorter muzzle.  Good eye colour and ear placement.  Moved well going, close coming.  Will tighten up.  Overall very good.



Puppy Dog

 1st        Exhibit No 11               Gold brindle, tailed.  Temperament excellent.   Excellent puppy.  Good eye and ear placement.  Great neck.  Level back.  True coming and going.  Super.  Overall excellent.

 2nd        Exhibit No 12               Brindle, docked.  Lovely.  Good eye and ear placement.  Needs tightening up on movement coming and going.

 3rd        Exhibit No 13               Brindle.  Sound dog, good width head.  Needs tightening up on  hind movement and strengthen stifle.  Overall very good.



Intermediate Dog

 1st        Exhibit No 18               Golden brindle.  Super boxer.  Width of head, lovely eye & ear placement.  Crest neck, level back.  Muscled up.  Overall Excellent

 2nd        Exhibit No 17               Dark brindle.  Super boxer.  Good width head & muzzle.  Lovely eye colour & ear placement.  Moved true behind.  Toed in coming.  Overall excellent.



Aust Bred Dog

 1st        Exhibit No 22               Dark brindle, docked.   Well muscled up.  Good crest neck.  Good expression.  Moved well.

 2nd        Exhibit No 20               Dark brindle.  Good outline.  Needs tightening up behind movement.  Lovely crest neck.

 3rd        Exhibit No 23               Tan white, tailed.   Good eye and ear.  Needs tightening up on movement.  Good expression.



Open Dog

 1st        Exhibit No 28               Brindle, docked.   Lovely mover.   Good expression.  Correct neck, top line.  Good mouth.

 2nd        Exhibit No 26               Red, White.  Good head width.  Moved well.  Good topline.

 3rd        Exhibit No 25               Red, white, docked.   Excellent red colour.  Short in muzzle for me.  Good depth chest & bone.





Baby Puppy Bitch

 1st        Exhibit No 34               Brindle, white, tailed.  Bouncing puppy.  Has everything to grow into.  Sound.

 2nd        Exhibit No 30               Brindle white.   Another super puppy.  Will grow on well.

 3rd        Exhibit No 31               Brindle white, tailed.  Another quality puppy.  Has everything to grow into.  Good Boxer



Minor Puppy Bitch

 1st        Exhibit No 36               Red, tailed.   Quality puppy.  Super temperament.  Moved well.  Good expression.



Puppy Bitch

 1st        Exhibit No 39               Brindle white, docked. Good bone and body.  Moved smoothly.  Good eye and ear placement.

 2nd        Exhibit No 38               Brindle, black muzzle, tailed.  Sound puppy.  Needs tightening up on hind movement.



Junior Bitch

 1st        Exhibit No 48               Red white.   Sound.  Good lower mouth.  Moved well.  Good compact body.

 2nd        Exhibit No 46               Brindle white.  Compact bitch.  Sound.  Moved well.

 3rd        Exhibit No 45               Red, Tailed.  Super Compact bitch.  Moved well.



Intermediate Bitch

1st        Exhibit no 59                Brindle, Docked.   Compact lovely bitch.  Lovely mover – flowed.

 2nd        Exhibit No 51               Red.  Sound good bitch.  Good top line.  Excellent head and .  Moved well.

 3rd        Exhibit no 56                Red White, docked.  Compact sound bitch.  Moped well.



Aust Bred Bitch

1st        Exhibit No 63               Brindle white, docked.   2 ˝ yrs  Sound compact bitch.  Moved well.

 2nd        Exhibit No 61               Brindle, docked.   7yrs.  Good width mouth.  Sound bitch

 3rd        Exhibit No 64               Red white.  Bitch sound.  Recent litter.  Good body.  Moved well.



Open Bitch

 1st        Exhibit No 69               Brindle white, docked.  Sound.  Good width Head.  Lovely mover.  Good Boxer

 2nd        Exhibit No 66               Red white, docked.  Sound bitch.  Good body.  Moved well.

 3rd        Exhibit No  71              Red white, Tailed.  Sound bitch.  Good width Head