Sat 9th June 2012


QLD Boxer Club Championship Show


Judge – Mrs Betty Parker  (Glenmorne Boxers - NZ)

Entries 63   Absent 6


Baby Puppy Dog (7)

1.         Meahic Strike Rate                                                                           Morrow

2.         Juelle Ripleys Believeit Ornot                                                           Smitheringale

3.         Taramark To Dare is to Do                                                              Sadler


Minor Puppy Dog (2)

1.         Saxonee Incite a Riot                                                                       McArthur

2.         Ronin Under the Radar At Sandshuri (Imp NZ)                                 Weil & Owen


Puppy Dog (4)

1.         Redbush Spook N Diesel                                                                Carstens

2.         Boxjam Moonshadow                                                                     Arne

3.         Bandido Designed with Intent                                                          Woodrow


Junior Dog (2)

1.         Kadence Kausin Kaos (Imp NZ)                                                     Gibson

2.         Bokson Whats the Verdict (AI)                                                        Poole


Intermediate Dog (4)

1.         Ch Boxvale Stormy Encounter (AI)                                                 Campbell & Bastin

2.         Hogwartz Babes and Blackjack                                                       Bryant

3.         Boxjam Moon Doggie                                                                      Arne


Aust Bred Dog (6)

1.         Ch Ozstock Evan Almighty                                                             Woodrow

2.         Ch Jetboom Flight to Fame                                                             Sadler

3.         Ch Kellynda Blendof TheBest                                                         Poole


Open Dog (6)

1.         Gr Ch Saxonee Take No  Prisners                                                   McArthur

2.         Ch Juelle Bear it All                                                                         Smitheringale

3.         Ch Boxvale Boogie Nights                                                              Campbell & Bastin



Best Dog                                                          Gr Ch Saxonee Take No  Prisners 

Res Best Dog                                                    Ch Juelle Bear it All



Baby Puppy Bitch (2)

1.         Boxfinn Shakewatya Mumagaveya                                                   Finnigan

2.         Taramark Just you Dare                                                                   Sadler


Minor Puppy Bitch (4)

1.         Hogwartz Blk Lace N Cartier                                                            Bryant

2.         Njord Sort of Sassy                                                                          Endres

3.         Saxonee Nthe Crowd Went Wild                                                     McArthur

Puppy Bitch (4)

1.         Boxjam Minder ofth Kash                                                                Sully

2.         Redbush Tokara Rose                                                                      Carstens

3.         Keljamar Believe in Me                                                                    Poole


Junior Bitch (4)

1.         Taramark Good Golly Miss Molly                                                    Sadler

2.         Blueprint Caught My Eye                                                               Johnston

3.         Ozstralis Moon Dance                                                                     Poole


Intermediate Bitch (6)

1.         Ch Juelle Teddys Little Diva                                                           Smitheringale

2.         Ch Ronin Wrapped Round  Ya Finger (Imp NZ)                            Martin & Owen

3.         Boxvale Ina Brief Storm (AI)                                                         Campbell & Bastin


Aust Bred Bitch (3)

1.         Gr Ch Boxvale Rockingupa Storm (AI)                                         Campbell & Bastin

2.         Ch Bandido Epponnee Raeat Redbush                                           Carstens

3.         Phoenway Zambukka                                                                     Tassan


Open Bitch (3)

1.         Ch Kadence Elusive Encounter (Imp NZ)                                     Gibson

2.         Ch Saxonee Times R A Changin                                                   Morrow

3.         Ronin All Riled up at Keljamar (Imp NZ)                                       Poole



Best Bitch                                                        Ch Juelle Teddys Little Diva             

Res Best Bitch                                                 Ch Kadence Elusive Encounter (Imp NZ)   




Gr Ch Saxonee Take No  Prisners  

Reserve in Show            

Ch Juelle Teddys Little Diva  

bis sm.jpg (226807 bytes) rubis sm.jpg (274297 bytes)

Res Ch Dog   

Ch Juelle Bear it All 

Res Ch Bitch   

Ch Kadence Elusive Encounter (Imp NZ)  

res dog rm.jpg (200904 bytes) 2012 ois_opp_sm.jpg (195012 bytes)

Baby Puppy in Show  

Meahic Strike Rate  

Opp Baby Puppy    

Boxfinn Shakewatya Mumagaveya  

bpis sm.jpg (257462 bytes) bpis opp sm.jpg (202838 bytes)

Minor Puppy in Show

Hogwartz Blk Lace N Cartier  

Opp Minor Puppy 

Saxonee Incite A Riot 

mpis sm.jpg (205104 bytes) mpis opp sm.jpg (203335 bytes)

Puppy in Show 

Boxjam Minder ofth Kash  

Opp Puppy 

Redbush Spook N Diesel  

pis sm.jpg (187323 bytes) pis opp sm.jpg (247879 bytes)

Junior in Show 

Taramark Good Golly Miss Molly

Opp Junior   

Kadence Kausin Kaos (Imp NZ)  

jis sm.jpg (237010 bytes) jis opp sm.jpg (209235 bytes)

Intermediate in Show

  Ch Juelle Teddys Little Diva

Opp Intermediate

Ch Boxvale Stormy Encounter (AI)  

2012 rubis_sm.jpg (274297 bytes) iis opp sm.jpg (216871 bytes)

Aust Bred in Show

Ch Ozstock Evan Almighty

Opp Aust Bred 

Gr Ch Boxvale Rockingaup Storm (AI)

abis sm.jpg (236925 bytes) abis opp sm.jpg (253122 bytes)

Open in Show 

Gr Ch Saxonee Take No  Prisners  

Opp Open   

Ch Kadence Elusive Encounter (Imp NZ)  

2012 bis_sm.jpg (226807 bytes) ois opp sm.jpg (195012 bytes)

Judge’s Critique

Firstly I would like to thank the Committee for the invitation to judge, and to thank the exhibitors for the sportsmanship shown by them in accepting my decisions.

We have a Standard that leaves some aspects open to individual interpretation, but two things are quite specific – eye shape and colour; and the formation of the mouth and it’s importance in shaping the foreface.    I found some eye shapes, which gave a totally untypical expression.  The required structure of teeth placement is an unnatural one and therefore very difficult to breed and very easy to lose.   I found a few incorrect mouths, which need to be watched.

Overall I found the quality to be of a very high standard, and I enjoyed judging this Speciality. 


Class 1:  Baby Puppy Dog

1st No 4 Meahic Strike Rate

Brindle & white, very well presented, lovely head and expression, dark eye, good reach of neck, good front angulation, good topline and good hind angulation.  Moved very well for his age.  Lovely baby with lots of promise.

2nd No 7 Juelle Ripleys Believe It or Not

Golden brindle & white,  very good head, good mouth, lovely dark eye, nice reach of neck, good hind angulation.     Front not quite as good as 1st place at this stage.

3rd No 5 Taramark To Dare Is To Do

Dark brindle & white, very well grown for his age. Head not as good as first two but still a pleasing head, lovely dark eye.   Good mouth, Good angulation front and rear..


Class 2: Minor Puppy  Dog

1st No 9  Saxonee Incite A Riot

Red & White,  substantial, lovely head, dark eye, beautiful width of muzzle, good mouth, would prefer slightly less wrinkle on the head. Would like to see longer length of upper arm, beautiful angulated hindquarters, strong topline.

2nd No 10 Ronin Under The Radar At Sundshuri (Imp NZ)

Brindle & white,   good head but would prefer slightly more fill under the eye,  lovely dark eye, good mouth, good front and good rear angulation, runs slightly high in the rear at this stage


Class 3: Puppy Dog

1st No 12 Redbush Spook N Diesel

Golden brindle & White, lovely head & expression,  good mouth, chest needs to drop slightly, good angulation fore & aft.  Holds his topline on the move

2nd No 11 Boxjam Moonshadow

Dark brindle & White,  good head & expression, well padded muzzle,  again chest needs to drop slightly, would prefer more lay back of shoulder, good hind angulation

3rd No 14  Bandido Designed With Intent

Dark brindle & white,  presents a nice outline, pleasant head could do with more fill under the eye,  dark eye, good mouth, good front and hind angulation


Class  4 Junior Dog:

1st No 15  Kadence Kausin Kaos (Imp. NZ)

Golden brindle & white      Nice head,  needs more fill under the eye, lovely dark eye, good mouth would prefer more forechest and layback of shoulder, good short back,  adequate rear angulation

2nd No 16  Bokson Whats The Verdict (AI)

Brindle & White,    Well put together,   lovely head with dark eye,   very good mouth, good angulation front & rear but temperament let him down.


Class 5 Intermediate Dog:

1st No 20 Ch Boxvale Stormy Encounter (AI)

Golden brindle & white, very well presented, square, good arch of neck, lovely head, lovely dark eye   very good mouth,  good front, strong firm top line and well angulated behind, moved well

2nd No 19  Hogwartz Babes And Blackjack

Brindle & white,  heavier than first place,   chest well developed, very good head and expression, lovely dark eye,  good front, well angulated hindquarters

3rd No 17  Boxjam Moon Doggie

Brindle & white, Well grown,  lovely head & expression,   expressive dark eye,  chest still needs to drop slightly,  would like more forechest, good rear angulation 


Class 10: Australian Bred Dog:

1st No 26 Ch Ozstock Even Almighty

 Brindle & White,  square, correct size,  substantial,  lovely head and expression, Correct rise of Skull, good dark eye, very good front, correctly angulated hindquarters,  strong firm back, moved well     

2nd No 24 Ch Jetboom Flight To Fame

Dark Brindle & White, taller boy, lovely arch of neck, very good head, lovely dark eye,  very good front, strong hind angulation

3rd No 23 Ch Kellynda Blendof TheBest

Red & White,  nice type,   good head, lovely dark eye, would prefer more forechest,   nicely angulated hindquarters.


Class 11 Open Dog 

1st No 29 Gr Ch Saxonee Take No Prisoners

Brindle & White,   Quality masculine outline,   combined substance with elegance, correct size, square, excellent head piece,  expressive dark eye,  very good mouth,  correct neck into shoulders,  excellent front,  strong firm back which he held on the move,  powerful hindquarters that drove him around the ring.  

2nd No 31  Ch Juelle Bear It All

Brindle & White,   another lovely boy,  well balanced, square,  very good head & expression, lovely dark eye, very good front,  strong back, very good hind angulation,  moved very well

3rd No 27  Ch Boxvale Boogie Nights

Red & white, very well presented, would prefer more turn up of nose and slightly more fill under the eyes, front not as good as first two. Good topline and very good hind angulation



Class 1a Baby Puppy Bitch

1st No 34a  Boxfinn Shakewatya Mumagaveya

Pretty red & white bitch, beautifully proportioned, good head, lovely dark eye, good front, lovely reach of neck and good hindquarters

2nd No 34 Taramark Just You Dare

Black brindle,    head needs fill under the eyes, front not quite as good as first one,  but lovely topline and well angulated hindquarters


Class 2a Minor Puppy Bitch

1st No 35 Hogwartz Blk Lace N Cartier

Brindle & White,  good head & expression,  very good front  for her age,  strong topline,   Good angulation behind. 

2nd No 36  Njord Sort Of Sassy

Red & White, taller bitch,   feminine, nice head & expression,  nice dark eye,   front not as good as first place,  adequate hind angulation

3rd No 37  Saxonee Nth Crowd Went Wild

Red & White,   younger, heavier, good head proportions,  would prefer less wrinkle over the forehead and  more length of upper arm, nicely angulated behind,  a tad long in body at this stage


Class 3a Puppy Bitch

1st No 42 Boxjam Minder OfTh Kash    

taller, elegant, brindle & white bitch, very good head with lovely dark eye, very good mouth,  good reach of neck,  very good front for her age,  strong topline and very good angulation behind,  moved well

2nd No 40 Redbush Tokara Rose

Another feminine brindle & white,  pretty head with nice expression, lovely dark eye,  front not quite as good as 1st place,  slightly longer in body, good topline, very good hind angulation

3rd No 41  Keljamar Believe In Me

Red & White, pretty outline, good head, lovely dark eye, would prefer slightly more forechest,  nicely angulated  hindquarters


Class 4a  Junior Bitch

1st No   47  Taramark Good Golly Miss Molly

Brindle & White,   presents a lovely outline,  very good head, lovely dark eye, well arched neck, good front, good topline, good hind angulation   

2nd No 45 Blueprint Caught My Eye

Brindle & white heavier bitch, head not quite as good as first place, very good front, very good hind angulation.

3rd No 46  Ozstralis Moon Dance

 Dark Brindle & White,   nice head & expression,  front not as good as first two,  adequate angulation



Class 5a Intermediate Bitch:

1st No 55  Ch Juelle Teddys Little Diva

Brindle & White, extremely stylish bitch, beautiful head and lovely expressive dark eye, very good rise of skull, excellent mouth,  lovely arched neck,  very good front,  broad strong back,  well angulated hinquarters .  Moved very well  

2nd No 51 Ch Ronin Wrapped Round Ya Finger (Imp NZ)

Red & White,  good head and expression,  good rise of skull,   prefer less wrinkle over the skull, very good front and strongly angulated hindquarters

3rd No 49 Boxvale Ina Brief Storm (AI)

Brindle & White, head not quite as good as first two, good dark eye, very good front, short firm back, well angulated hindquarters


Class 10a Australian Bred   Bitch

1st No 56  Gr Ch Boxvale Rockingupa Storm (AI)

Elegant,  well balanced Brindle & White bitch,   lovely dark eye, would like more fill under the eye, very good mouth, lovely front, strong topline,  correctly angulated hindquarters

2nd No 57  Ch Bandido Epponee Raeat Redbush

Brindle & White, heavier bitch than 1st place,  pretty head and expression,  good dark eye,  good arch of neck, very good front,  nice short back,  nicely angulated hindquarters,  a little overweight on the day.

3rd No 59 Phoenway Zambukka     

Golden Brindle & White, a more elegant bitch, pretty head, good dark eye,   good front,  good reach of neck,  strong topline, correctly angulated hindquarters,  mouth could be better


 Class 11a Open Bitch

1st No 60  Ch Kadence Elusive Encounter (Imp. NZ)

 Brindle & White,  nice  feminine bitch,  very well presented,  very good head & expression,  lovely dark eye, excellent  mouth,  good reach of neck,  very good front, good firm topline, correctly angulated  hindquarters, moved very well  

2nd No 61  Ch Saxonee Times R A Changin

Heavier brindle & white,   lovely head and expression,   lovely dark eye, very good front,  handler tended to overstretch hindquarters but nice bitch with good strong  topline and good movement.

3rd No 62  Ronin All Riled Up At Keljamar (Imp NZ)

Red & White, another heavier bitch, lovely black mask, nice dark eye, good mouth, would prefer more angulation front and rear  







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