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Qld Boxer Club

Curtain Raiser Champ Show

23rd May 2014

Judge:  Mrs Diane Mallett (Florida)



Baby Puppy Dog

1             Tyeanbo Doing the Time Walk (AI)                                           D & S Crooks & G Munro

2             Juelle Cut to the Chase                                                                L Smitheringale

3             Auroraprince Flaming Red                                                          T Sully

4             Gracnbrook Shelterfromthestorm                                                C Graham

5             Juelle Grizzly Bear                                                                         L Smitheringale


Minor Puppy Dog

1             Kesdar Red Hot Rumour                                                              J Davis & H Keele

2             Valeska Fancy This (Imp NZ)                                                       M Clinton

3             Ronin Fair Game                                                                           M Spence & H Owen


Puppy Dog

1             Boxalicious Topshelf Byredbush                                                R & S Carstens

2             Kirravindee Timings Everything                                                 B & D Lawson

3             Kirravindee Love Me Tender                                                      B & D Lawson


Junior Dog

1             Ch Chizack Catweazle (Imp NZ)                                                 B Thompson & A Hobday

2             Ch Kesdar Rebel on the Run (AI)                                                C Graham

3             Ch Chizak Mad Max (AI) Imp NZ)                                               L Cassidy

4             Vineen El Conquistador                                                               G Custance

5             Tonup Gentleman Caller                                                              E Davies & L Corbett


Intermediate Dog

1             Ch Gemcharm A Lil Bitof Attitude                                             A & S Dell

2             Ch Tyeanbo Mr Have A Chat                                                      D Nellis

3             Gocanroc Heuston                                                                       J Foster

4             Ch Ronin Under the Influence (Imp NZ)                                   C Graham & H Owen

5             Guntop justification                                                                     W & E Gunter


Australia Bred Dog

1             Ch Suavee High Roller                                                                 R Keays

2             Bokson Whats the Verdict (AI)                                                   K Poole

3             Phoenway Inspector Gadget                                                      S S & D Tassan

4             Ch Ozstock Evan Almighty                                                          J Woodrow


Open Dog

1             Ch Boxvale Stormy Encounter (AI)                                            I Campbell & D Bastin

2             Sup Ch Targeted by Newlaithe (Imp UK)                                  D & S Crooks

3             Ch Berlanes Dream Warrior at Vineen (Imp USA)                   G Custance & R Keays

4             Gr Ch The Fonejacker at Surfstone (Imp UK)                          D & J Halliday

5             Ch Kellynda Blendof Thebest                                                     K Poole



Challenge Dog                                 Ch Boxvale Stormy Encounter (AI)

Res Challenge                                  Ch Gemcharm A Lil Bitof Attitude




Baby Puppy Bitch

1             Gracnbrook Stormina Teacup                                                    C Graham

2             Ozstock Little Bit of Magic                                                         D Bradshaw

3             Keljamar Heres the Verdict                                                         K Poole

4             Boyer Tassie Diva                                                                         E Smith

            Keljamar Dark Side of the Moon                                               K Poole


Minor Puppy Bitch

1             Kellynda Addicted to Lust (AI)                                                    J Mahoney

2             Ronin Bravo Tango Whiskey (Imp NZ)                                      C Graham & H Owen


Puppy Bitch

1             Jadenchi Material Girl                                                                  M Mason

2             Boxvale Rock Diva (AI)                                                                I Campbell & D Bastin

3             Boxvale Star Rocka (AI)                                                               I Campbell & D Bastin

4             Hogwartz Glory Days                                                                   S Bryant


Junior Bitch

1             Ozstock Repeat Performance                                                    D Bradshaw

2             Ch Chizak to the Max (Imp NZ)                                                  A Hobday

3             Juelle Targeted to Ozstock                                                         D Bradshaw

4             Valeska Eat My Dust (AI) (Imp NZ)                                            J Malloy & RL & D Harrison

5             Juelle Pure Illusion                                                                        D Kelly


Intermediate Bitch

1             Ch Tyeanbo Dora the Explorer                                                  D & S Crooks & G Munro

2             Keljamar Believe in Me                                                                K Poole

3             Redbush Iwannabea Bandido                                                    J Woodrow

4             Tonup Forget Me Not                                                                  S Evans


Australian Bred Bitch

1             Ch Chizack Hot Jam                                                                      A Hobday

2             Ch Suavee Some Like it Hot                                                        R Keays

3             Ch Kesdar High Tea                                                                      C Graham

4             Meahic Whatz Da Hold Up                                                         A & K Morrow

5             Phoenway Fancy Illusion                                                            S & S Tassan


Open Bitch

1             Ch Oleala Eat Your Words                                                          J Strachan, K Jensen & P Hoole

2             Sup Ch Kadence Elusive Encounter (Imp NZ)                           J Gibson

3             Sup Ch Boxvale Rockingupa Storm (AI)                                    I Campbell & D Bastin

4             Ch Boxbar Stranraer Lady                                                           D Bradshaw

5             Ch Blueprint Caught my Eye                                                       M Johnston



Challenge Bitch                               Ch Chizack Hot Jam

Res Challenge                                  Jadenchi Material Girl





Best in Show                                                 Ch Chizack Hot Jam

Runner Up in Show                                       Jadenchi Material Girl


Challenge Dog                                                 Ch Boxvale Stormy Encounter (AI)

Res Challenge                                                  Ch Gemcharm A Lil Bitof Attitude

Challenge Bitch                                               Ch Chizack Hot Jam

Res Challenge                                                  Jadenchi Material Girl


Baby Puppy in Show                                       Gracnbrook Stormina Teacup

Opp Baby Puppy                                           Tyeanbo Doing the Time Walk (AI)


Minor Puppy in Show                                     Kesdar Red Hot Rumour 

Opp Minor Puppy                                            Kellynda Addicted to Lust (AI)


Puppy in Show                                                 Jadenchi Material Girl

Opp Puppy                                                        Boxalicious Topshelf Byredbush


Junior in Show                                                 Ch Chizack Catweazle (Imp NZ)

Opp Junior                                                        Ozstock Repeat Performance


Intermediate in Show                                    Ch Tyeanbo Dora the Explorer

Opp Intermediate                                           Ch Gemcharm A Lil Bitof Attitude


Aust Bred in Show                                          Ch Chizack Hot Jam

Opp Aust Bred                                                 Ch Suavee High Roller


Open in Show                                                  Ch Oleala Eat Your Words

Opp Open                                                         Ch Boxvale Stormy Encounter (AI)