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Qld Boxer Club Championship Show  

Judge:  Mr Reg Crossingham  (Areba Boxers) (NSW)

8th June 2019 



Baby Puppy Dog

1          SS & D Tassan                    Phoenway Legend of Hercules

2          L Tassan                              Phoenway Conan the Barbarian 

3          L Smitheringale                    Tirbolead Grandson at Juelle



Minor Puppy Dog

1        S & R Carstens                      Redbush Mr Beau Jangles 

2        L Smitheringale                       Kudirka  Forged with Fire



Puppy Dog

1          S Bryant                                Hogwartz Drakaris

2          J & K Howarth                      Keljamar I Did It My Way



Intermediate Dog

1          P McArthur                            Saxonee Forged by Fyre

2          S S & D Tassan                      Ch Phoenway Fresh Prince OfBelair (AI)

3          I Campbell & D Bastin            Boxvale The Showman



Australian Bred Dog

1        D Kelly                                    Ch Kudirka Arsons Glow  

2        A Morrow                                Ch Kesdar Some Kinda Wonderful

3        Campbell/Bastin/ Kelly              Boxvale Steppinout


Open Dog

1          M Thomas                                Ch Alonot Stop N Stare at Chelleason

2          L Smithergale                            Sup Ch Juelle the Godson (AI) 

3          I Campbell & D Bastin               Ch Boxvale Will I Am


Challenge Dog                                       Ch Alonot Stop N Stare at Chelleason 

Reserve Dog                                          Sup Ch Juelle the Godson (AI)




Baby Puppy Bitch

1         S Bryant                               Hogwartz Lady of Winterfell 

2         L Smitheringale                      Chelleason Miss Billie Lee



Minor Puppy Bitch

1          A Hobday                              Chizack Di Pretty  (Imp NZ)

2         S S & D Tassan                      Phoenway Kiki Do You Love Me


Puppy Bitch

1       Smithergale/Thomas                Chelleason Causing Gossip   

2        K Poole                                  Keljamar Shes All That



Junior Bitch

1          B Thompson & A Hobday   Ch Chizack Chicka Cherry Cola  (Imp NZ)

2          K Hopper                             Ronin Jail Bait (imp NZ)

3           A Morrow                            Meahic Too Hot to Handle



Australian Bred Bitch

1         I Campbell & D Bastin          Ch Boxvale Encountering A Star 

2          SS & D Tassan                    Ch Phoenway Les Miserable



Open Bitch

1          P McArthur                           Ch Keljamar Hereís the Verdict

2          R & S Carstens                     Ch Redbush Millenium Diamond (AI)

3          S Bryant                                Hogwartz Playing With Fire



Challenge Bitch                                 Chelleason Causing Gossip

Reserve Bitch                                      Ch Chizack Chicka Cherry Cola  (Imp NZ)





Best In Show                                   Ch Alonot Stop N Stare at Chelleason


Runner Up In Show                          Ch Chizack Chicka Cherry Cola  (Imp NZ) 



Baby Puppy In Show                      Phoenway Legend of Hercules

Opp Baby Puppy                            Hogwartz Lady of Winterfell


Minor Puppy In Show                     Redbush Mr Beau Jangles

Opp Minor Puppy                          Chizack Di Pretty  (Imp NZ)


Puppy In Show                               Chelleason Causing Gossip

Opp Puppy                                     Hogwartz Drakaris


Junior In Show                                 Ch Chizack Chicka Cherry Cola  (Imp NZ)

Opp Junior                                       nil


Intermediate In Show                       Saxonee Forged by Fyre

Opp Intermediate                             nil


Australian Best In Show                   Ch Kudirka Arsons Glow  

Opp Aust Bred                                Ch Boxvale Encountering A Star


Open In Show                                 Ch Alonot Stop N Stare at Chelleason  

Opp Open                                       Ch Keljamar Hereís the Verdict   



Queensland Boxer Club Championship Show Ė 8th June 2019

Judge: Mr Reg Crossingham

Thank you for inviting me to judge your Championship Show, I thoroughly enjoyed my appointment.

It was nice to catch up with old friends and reminisce of Boxers from days gone by. The weather gods were kind to us with an overcast cool day which allowed the dogs to perform without any heat stress.

The overall quality of Boxers judged was very good, generally heads were very good with proper muzzle to skull ratios, clean cheeks and wide bites. Small things must not be overlooked like eye colour and lip placement with well padded muzzles. I would like to have seen more broad noses with larger nostrils, cleaner skulls with less wrinkle and for movement I would have liked more length of upper arm and second thigh which is essential for covering the ground with effortless stride.


Baby Dog

#2 Tassanís Phoenway Legend of Hercules

B/W. 5.5 months. Well proportioned head with good rise of skull, dark eye, square body with good bone. Would like a little more angulation front and rear.

Minor Puppy Dog

#4 Carstenís Redbush Mr Beau Jangles

B/W. 7.5 months. Very good moving young puppy. Good bone and well muscled. Nice head and expression with good rise of skull and flat cheeks. Nice wide bite

Puppy Dog

#7 Bryantís Hogwartz Drakaris

Plain Red. 10 months. Black mask with strong head of good proportions, cobby strong boned and square young puppy, moved enthusiastically around the ring. Wide in front and upright shoulders.

Intermediate Dog

#9 McArthurs CH Saxonee Forged By Fyre

B/W. 20 months. Well balanced dog, excellent type, well muscled, good bone and short back. Moved smartly with good drive.

Australian Bred Dog

#14 Kellyís CH Kudirka Arsons Glow

R/W. 2 years. Elegant dog of perfect size with a head of good proportions and expression, I would have preferred a wider bite to lower jaw, strong elegant neck flowed into a short back, good croup and tailset, good brisket and forechest, excellent bone and feet, well balanced and moved smartly around the ring.

Open Dog

1st #15 Thomasís CH Alonot Stop N Stare AT Chelleason


R/W. 3.5 years. Lovely red dog of good masculine size and a beautiful relation of substance and elegance. A strong head of correct proportions with good rise of skull and beautiful dark brown eyes. Well padded muzzle forming a very nice lip placement topped off with a nice broad nose and large nostrils with a strong bottom chin and a very wide bite with incisors in a straight line. The head was set on a strong elegant neck which flowed into a short back and good tailset. His good angulation with length of upper arm and second thigh contributed to his effortless ground covering stride, I sent him around the ring several times and he went better and better for each lap.

2nd #16 Smitheringalesí Sup Ch Juelle The Godson (AI)


B/W. 5 years. Elegant dog with clean head and expres sion with a wide bite. His neck flows nicely into his shoulders and he moved well but lacked the stride and drive of the first placed dog

Baby Puppy Bitch

#19 Bryantís Hogwartz Lady Of Winterfell.

R/W 4 months. Pretty expression with a good bite, her colour is quite nice with very nice short coat texture, moved well.

Minor Puppy Bitch

#21 Hobdaysí Chizack Di Pretty Lady (Imp. NZ)

B/W. 8 months. Nice clean skull with good rise, good bite, nice bone, rises over the topline on the move, long coupled.

Puppy Bitch

#23 Smitheringale and Thomasí Chelleason Causing Gossip


B/W. 10 months. Elegant Bitch, moved smartly around the ring with drive from her short hocks. Very nice head with excellent balance, good bite, nice dark brown eye. An elegant neck which flowed into

well laid shoulders and a short straight back. The rib cage was well sprung, extending far to the rear with a short coupling.

Junior Bitch

#25 Thompson and Hobdaysí CH Chizack Chika Cherry Cola (Imp NZ)


B/W. 15months. Elegant bitch with nicely baianced head, good bite and nice dark eye. She has beautiful colour with nice coat texture and well muscled. On the move she tended to sidewind due to too much angulation in the rear for her front.


#31 Campbell and Bastinís CH Boxvale Encountering A Star

B/W. 3 years. Well balanced bitch with good length of upper arm, well sprung ribcage with short coupling and short hocked with good rear angulation. Eye colour could be a little darker.


#33 McArthurís CH Keljamar Hereís The Verdict

B/W. 5 years. Well balanced elegant bitch. Nice head and expression. Well sprung ribcage extending far to the rear with short coupling and straight topline. Moved smartly around the ring with reach and drive





Best In Show    RU BIS 
Baby Puppy in Show   Opp Baby
Minor in Show   Opp Minor


Puppy in Show    Opp Puppy
Junior in Show Opp Junior
Intermediate in Show Opp Intermediate
Aust Bred in Show     Opp Aust Bred 
Open in Show Opp Open
Thanks to Serge Tassan for the wonderful trophies