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Qld Boxer Club Championship Show  


Judge Mr Trevor Sully (Kashminder Boxers)


Baby Puppy Dog

1                            K Poole                                              Keljamar Prince of Mischief

2                            S & S Tassan                                      Phoenway Phast N Phurious

3                            C Davis                                               Mcboxa Uve Been Charged


Minor Puppy Dog

1                            I & D Campbell                                 Boxvale Crime OPassion


Puppy Dog

1                            J Howarth                                          Elkohe Fast and the Furious


Junior Dog

1                            A Morrow & J Rose                         Kesdar Dan the Man at Meahic

2                            K Hopper                                           Elkohe The Toy Boy

3                            N Harrison & M Thomas                Chelleason High Voltage (AI)


Intermediate Dog

1                            L Smitheringale                               Chelleason the Brotherhood

2                            K Kirk                                                  Kesdar His Masters Voice                            

3                            B & D Lawson                                   Kirravindee Rum Rebellion (AI)



Aust Bred Dog

1                            S Bryant                                             Hogwartz Drakaris


Open Dog

1                            P McArthur                                        Sup Ch Saxonee Forged by Fyre

2                            A Morrow                                          Ch Kesdar Some Kinda Wonderful

3                            S & S Tassan                                      Ch Phoenway Fresh Prince Ofbelair (AI)

4                            B & D Lawson                                   Ch Kirravindee Kiss N Tell


Challenge  Dog                  Sup Ch Saxonee Forged by Fyre

Res Challenge                    Boxvale Crime OPassion



Baby Puppy Bitch

1                            K Poole                                              Keljamar Love of Thunder

2                            A Hobday                                           Chizack Inna Spin

3                            L McLaughlin                                    McBoxa RU Guna B My Girl


 Minor Puppy Bitch

1                            K Hopper                                           Elkohe The Bomb

2                            S & S Tassan                                      Thasrite Charms Me Mum

3                            P McArthur                                        Saxonee Birds of a Feather


Puppy Bitch

1                            I & D Campbell                                 Boxvale Runswithpassion

2                            E Finlay                                              Saxonee Let Sparks Fly


Junior Bitch

1                            K Kirk                                                  Kamndak Tiny Dancer


Intermediate Bitch

1                            B & D Lawson                                   Kirravindee Brief Luv Affair (AI)

2                            S Bryant                                             Hogwartz Lady of Winterfell


 Aust Bred Bitch

1                            B & D Lawson                                   Laykoda Lady Belladonna

2                            P McArthur                                        Ch Keljamar Here’s the Verdict


 Open Bitch

1                            H Gibson & J Gibson                        Sup Ch Laykoda Leading Lady

2                            I Campbell & D Bastin                     NZ Ch Ronin Runs with Scissors

3                            K Hopper                                           Ronin More Grinner-thn-Sinner


Challenge Bitch                 Sup Ch Laykoda Leading Lady      

Reserve Challenge            Boxvale Runswithpassion                            



Best in Show                      Sup Ch Laykoda Leading Lady

Runner Up                          Sup Ch Saxonee Forged by Fyre


Baby Puppy in Show         Keljamar Prince of Mischief

Opposite                             Keljamar Love of Thunder


Minor Puppy in Show       Boxvale Crime OPassion

Opposite                             Elkohe The Bomb


Puppy in Show                   Boxvale Runswithpassion

Opposite                             Elkohe Fast and the Furious


Junior in Show                   Kesdar Dan the Man at Meahic

Opposite                             Kamndak Tiny Dancer


Intermediate in Show      Kirravindee Brief Luv Affair (AI)

Opposite                             Chelleason The Brotherhood


Aust Bred in Show            Laykoda Lady Belladonna

Opposite                             Hogwartz Drakaris


Open in Show                    Sup Ch Laykoda Leading Lady

Opposite                             Sup Ch Saxonee Forged by Fyre



Queensland Boxer Club Critique


Baby Puppy Dog

 1st  1. Keljamar Prince of Mischief

Brindle puppy nice square outline, good angles from and rear moved well with good expression.

 2nd 2. Phoenway Phast N Phurious

Brindle puppy nice angles front and rear with good expression just a touch longer than first.


Minor Puppy Dog & Res Challenge Dog

 1st 7. Boxvale Crime OPassion

Brindle male nice square dog good expression moved well both out and back and side angle looking forward to see how this boy matures.


Puppy Dog

 1st 8. Elkohe Fast and the Furious

Brindle male touch long would like to see more turn of stifle and front angulation.


Junior Dog

 1st 11. Kesdar Dan The Man at Meahic

.Brindle dog, Square dog pleasing head with good expression Good angles and moved well.

 2ND 9. Elkohe the Toy Boy

Brindle dog heavier set dog to first moved well would have liked a cleaner head.


Intermediate Dog

 1ST 16. Chelleason the Brotherhood

Square dog moved well good expression good angles front and rear.

 2nd 12. Kesdar His Maters Voice

Heavier set dog than first with good expression dark eyes did not move as well as first on the day.


Australian Bred Dog

 1st 17. Hogwartz Drakaris

Red Square dog nice head moved well,  would like to see less rear angulation.


OPEN DOG & Challenge Dog & RUBIS

 1ST 23. Sup Ch Saxonee Forged by Fyre

Brindle dog that owned the ring moved beautifully good expression dark eyes good mouth.

 2nd 20. CH Kesdar Some Kinda Wonderful

Red dog square with good rear angulation and expression nice mouth just lost it on the move today.



Baby Puppy Bitch

 1st 25. Keljamar Love of Thunder

Nice brindle baby good expression moved well clean head

 2nd 27. Chizack Inna Spin

Square puppy with good angles not as wide in muzzle as 1st.



Minor Puppy Bitch

 1st 31. Elkohe the Bomb

Square girl nice expression good movement good front and rear.

 2nd 32. Thasrite Charms Me Mum

Square girl very close to first just would like more width of muzzle this may come in time.


Puppy Bitch & Res Challenge

 1st 35 Boxvale Runswithpassion

Nice Bitch that owned the ring,  good square outline, good moving bitch with good angulation. 

2ND 34. Saxonee Let Sparks Fly

This is a nice bitch as well could have gone either way but just a touch longer than 1st.


Junior Bitch

 1ST 36. Kamndak Tiny Dancer

Only one in the class nice bitch


Intermediate Bitch

1st 40. Kirravindee Brief Luv Affair.

Brindle Bitch Square nice moving good angles.

 2nd 37. Hogwartz Lady of Winterfell

Red Bitch square girl good angles not as clean in head as first.


Australian Bred Bitch

 1st 42. Laykoda Lady Belladonna.

Brindle bitch Nice Head good outline moved well.

2ND 41. Ch Keljamar Here’s The Verdict

Brindle Bitch nice head good outline and moved well could have gone either way 1st out moved today.


 OPEN BITCH & Challenge Bitch & BIS

1st 43. SUP Ch Laykoda Leading Lady

Very nice bitch square moved beautifully good expression good depth and width of muzzle stood out on the day.

 2nd 44. Nz Ch Ronin Runs With Scissors

Nice bitch as well my 1st winner had it on the move today.


I would like to thank the exhibitors for their entries today and hope everyone enjoyed the day as I did.

It was nice to see so many new faces in Boxers and the quality of the pups being shown now.


Thank you.

Trevor Sully



Best In Show    RU BIS 
Baby Puppy in Show   Opp Baby
Minor in Show   Opp Minor


Puppy in Show    Opp Puppy
Junior in Show Opp Junior
Intermediate in Show Opp Intermediate
Aust Bred in Show     Opp Aust Bred 
Open in Show Opp Open