JUNE 15th JUNE 2002


Judge:  Mr Peter Foster (NSW)


Baby Puppy Dog 1.  Juelle Short Circuit  A & L Smitheringale


Minor Puppy Dog 1.  Shirbel Indiana Jones A & H Weil
2.  Branmere Toetappin Joe R Agnew
3.  Keljamar Bubly Conection S & K Poole


Puppy Dog 1.  Meahic Lethal Weapon M & V Rogers
2.  Kirkgate Stand By Me D & J Halliday
3.  Phoenway Mud Sludge S & S Tassan


Junior Dog 1.  Saxonee Fuel the Fire P McArthur
2.  Natmons River Gold R Agnew
3.  Boxvale  Steal Ya Heart I Campbell & D Bastin


Intermediate Dog 1.  Ch Bandido Supa Charged J Manson
2.  Ch Phoenway Sea Worthy S & S Tassan
3.  Ch Belmanta Grand Slam L Cassidy


Australian Bred Dog 1.  Gr Ch Meahic River Wild M & V Rogers


Open Dog 1.  Gr Ch Juelle Jump Start A & L Smitheringale
2.  Ch Belvurn Too Hot T'Handle D & J Halliday
3.  NZ Ch Valeska Lock Up Ya Daughters  (Imp NZ) V Shaw


CHALLENGE DOG Saxonee Fuel The Fire P McArthur
RES CHALLENGE Gr Ch Meahic River Wild M & V Rogers


Baby Puppy Bitch 1.  Kashminder J Lo T Sully
2.  Meahic Hot Pants M & V Rogers
3.  Meahic Wild Temptation M & V Rogers


Minor Puppy Bitch 1.  Faydee Felicity G Schubel
2.  Branmere Sheer Magic G Lohrey


Puppy Bitch 1.  Meahic Sweet Justice L Clancy
2.  Meahic Spring Fair M & V Rogers
3.  Natmons Princess Xena R Agnew


Junior Bitch 1.  Boxvale Ring My Bell D & D Free
2.  Boxberry A Star is Born D & J Halliday
3.  Carbrook Naughty N Nice R Garland / S Allison


Intermediate Bitch 1.  Ch Meahic Totally Wild M & V Rogers
2.  Valeska Cover Girl (Imp NZ) V Shaw
3.  Ch Betalla I Am Brandy A & B Hunt


Australian Bred Bitch 1.  Ch Boxadyce Off the Rails P McArthur
2.  Keljamar Good Connection S & K Poole
3.  Ch Boxadyce Rythym N Blues R Garland & S Allison


Open Bitch 1.  Betalla I am Gillian A & B Hunt
2.  Ch Belmanta Bachelor Lure L Cassidy
3.  Ch Meahic Bubbling Brooke M & V Rogers


CHALLENGE BITCH Betalla I am Gillian A & B Hunt
RES CHALLENGE Ch Belmanta Bachelor Lure L Cassidy

Saxonee Fuel The Fire




Betalla I am Gillian

Baby Puppy In Show Juelle Short Circuit
Opp Sex Baby Puppy Kashminder J Lo
Minor Puppy In Show Shirbel Indiana Jones
Opp Sex Minor Puppy Faydee Felicity
Puppy Class In Show Meahic Sweet Justice
Opp Sex Puppy Meahic Lethal Weapon
Junior In Show Saxonee Fuel The Fire
Opp Sex Junior Boxvale Ring My Bell
Intermediate In Show Ch Meahic Totally Wild
Opp Sex Intermediate Ch Bandido Supa Charged
Aust Bred In Show Gr Ch Meahic River Wild
Opp Sex Aust Bred Ch Boxadyce Off the Rails
Open In Show Betalla I am Gillain
Opp Sex Open Gr Ch Juelle Jump Start




BABY PUPPY (1 entry)

1. Juelle Short Circuit: (A & L Smitheringale) Brindle/White Good Head Properties, Good bone, front angulation, nice on the move.

MINOR PUPPY (6 entries)

1. Shirbel Indiana Jones: (AD & HM Weil) Red/White Nicely balanced overall, nice head Good bite, carried himself well on the move.

2. Branmere Toetappin Joe: (R Agnew) Brindle/White Good head properties carried himself well on the move.

3. Keljamar Bubly Conection: (S & K Poole) Brindle/White Very nice Brindle/White needs a bit more maturity. Will then push the top 2.

PUPPY DOG (4 entries)

1. Meahic Lethal Weapon: (M & V Rogers) Brindle/White Good breed type, nicely balanced head good bite, good movement going away.

2. Kirkgate Stand by Me: (D & J Halliday) Brindle/White Close 2nd, Good type overall; movement going away let him down.

3. Phoenway Mud Sludge: (S & S Tassan) A very nice puppy. Giving to much away with age. But with maturity should develop into a very nice Boxer.

JUNIOR DOG (4 entries)

*Dog CC, BIS

1. Saxonee Fuel The Fire: (P McArthur) Brindle/White Excellent breed type. A stand out the moment he entered the ring. Excellent head type, balanced angulation front and rear.

2. Natmons River Gold: (R Agnew) Red/White Nicely balanced boxer overall. Good angulation front and rear.

3. Boxvale Steal Ya Hearts: (IB Campbell & D Bastin) Brindle/White Nice head, Good bone, moved nicely, Good top line.


1. Ch Bandido Supa Charged: (J Manson) Red/White Nicely balanced over all, nice eye and expression. Carried himself well on the move.

2. Ch Phoenway Seaworthy: (S & S Tassan) Red/White Nice head and expression, good neck and top line. Movement let him down.

3.Ch Belmanta Grand Slam (LJ Cassidy) Brindle/White Very nice boxer over all, good front angulation Rear movement let him down.


* R CC

1. Gr Ch Meahic River Wild (M & V Rogers) Red/White Only one in class Excellent breed type, well balanced, strong top line, good bone, feet and tail set

OPEN DOG (5 entries)

1. Gr Ch Juelle Jump Start (A & L Smitheringale) Brindle/White Good breed type nice head good ear set, good expression Nice neck and top line.

2. Ch Belvurn Too Hot TíHandle (Imp UK)(D & J Halliday) Brindle/White Good breed type, Good head and bite, movement let him down.

3. Aust/NZ Ch Valeska Lock Up Ya Daughters (Imp NZ) (V Shaw) Red/White Very nice Boxer, Strong in head, Bit soft in condition not as square in outline as first 2.



BABY BITCH (4 entries)

1. Kashminder J Lo (T Sully) Brindle/White Nice puppy, nicely balanced very showy little girl.

2. Meahic Hot Pants (M & V Rogers) Red/White Lovely puppy well balanced moved around nicely.

3. Meahic Wild Temptation (M & V Rogers) Red & White Nice puppy. Nice head, neck and top line

"4 Really Nice puppy bitches"

MINOR BITCH (2 entries)

1. Faydee Felicity (GJ Schubel) Red/White Nice little bitch, Nice head, good bone and feet.

2. Branmere Sheer Magic (G Lowrey) Brindle/White, Nice bitch good expression movement let her down.

PUPPY BITCH (4 entries)

1. Meahic Sweet Justice (L Clancy) Brindle/White Very nice Boxer bitch, moves very true coming and going, nice head and expression.

2. Meahic Spring Fair (M & V Rogers) Brindle/White another nice bitch, moved well, good bone and top line.

3. Natmons Red Hot Gossip (R Agnew) Red/White Good breed type, good head and neck needs a little more maturity.

JUNIOR BITCH (6 entries)

1. Boxvale Ring My Bell (D & D Free) Brindle/White Plain Brindle bitch excellent head qualities, carries herself well on the move, Strong top line, good tail set.

2. Boxberry A Star Is Born (J Halliday/S Leeson) Brindle/White nice bitch, Good neck and top line, Lets herself down on the move.

3. Carbrook Naughty N Nice (R Garland/S Allison) Brindle/White Nice type of bitch, good expression needs a bit more maturity.


1. Ch Meahic Totally Wild (M & V Rogers) Brindle/White Excellent breed type, Lovely crest of neck blending into a strong topline, Overall a very nice bitch.

2. Valeska Cover Girl (imp NZ) (V Shaw) Nice type, Good head and expression, Good top line and tail set.

3. Ch Betalla I Am Brandy (A & B Hunt) Red/White Nicely balanced bitch, presented in beautiful condition, nice head and ear placement.


1. Ch Boxadyce Off The Rails (P McArthur) Brindle/White Good breed type, good expression, beautiful crest of neck, strong top line, good tail set, carried herself nicely on the move.

2. Keljamer Good Connection (S & K Poole)Brindle/White Nice boxer bitch, Good head and expression, balanced angulation.

3. Ch Boxadyce Rhythm N Blues (R Garland/S Allison) Brindle/White Nice bitch, balanced overall, not quite the strength in muzzle of the 1st and 2nd

OPEN BITCH (7 entries)

*BCC, R/up I S

1. Betalla I Am Gillian (A & B Hunt) Brindle/White Extremely proud elegant bitch, in good hard condition, carried herself beautifully on the move, overall a well balanced bitch.


2. Ch Belmanta Bachelor Lure (LJ Cassidy) Brindle/White Very close between 1st and 2nd another very elegant bitch excellent throughout.

3. Gr Ch Meahic Bubbling Brooke (M & V Rogers) Red/White Excellent breed type. Good head and expression, good angulation front and rear.



I would like to thank the members of the Queensland Boxer Club for giving me the honour to adjudicate at their specialty show.

Overall the quality of the Boxers exhibited was of a very high standard.

However it would be remiss of me if I did not mention three things that did cause concern:


1/ LIP PLACEMENT: The standard calls for "The lower edge of the upper lip should rest on the edge of the lower lip" I found a number of cases where the top lip completely overhung the bottom lip.


2/ BODY: "The Boxer is a medium sized sturdy smooth-haired dog of short squared figure"

The short refers to Short Coupled ,there was a couple of instances of very long couplings spoiling the outline in profile and also causing slack top lines and spoiling movement.


3/ SMOOTH HAIRED: Cowlicks extending from the withers up the neck are not a part of the breed. Breeders need to be vigilant in tracing the lines that appear dominant in producing this, as it is becoming more prevalent and needs to be addressed seriously as it has no place in a smooth coated breed.


Once again thank you very much for the most enjoyable day and to the exhibitors for the sportsmanlike manner in which they accepted the decisions, and a special thank you to your Treasurer Kathy for making my stay enjoyable, picking me up at the airport and not forgetting to take me to your show.


Peter Foster



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