14th June 2003
Judge Mrs E Scott

Baby Puppy Dog
1. Ascameda Dark Secret D & D Free
2. Gracnbrook Sailors Son C Graham
3. Ascameda Just A Gigolo D & D Free

Puppy Dog
1. Ozstock Grin N Bearit J Manson
2. Boxamore Caldo Classico K Jensen
3. Davesand Blue Hawaii K & M Rackley

Junior Dog
1. Phoenway Mud Sludge S & S Tassan
2. Boxberry Star City M & V Rogers

Intermediate Dog
1. Meahic Fast Flowing M & N Feiner
2. Meahic Lethal Weapon M & V Rogers
3. Ch Saxonee Flamin Hot P McArthur

Aust Bred Dog
1. Ch Bandido Supa Charged J Manson
2. Gr Ch Phoenway Baktothe Future S & S Tassan

Open Dog
1. Kashminder Kick Back T Sully
2. Ch Thasrite Angels Brat Strachan, Lillicrap, Carpenter
3. A & NZ Ch Valeska Hez Super (Imp NZ V Shaw

Challenge Dog             Ozstock Grin N Bearit            J Manson
Res Challenge Dog      Ch Bandido Supa Charged     J Manson

Baby Puppy Bitch
1. Sealuvin Jump The Queue A & L Smitheringale
2. Ascameda Il Bacce D & D Free
3. Natmons Buzzin Babe V Shaw

Minor Puppy Bitch
1. Faydee Im A Beauty G Schubel

Puppy Bitch
1. Carbrook Rhythmothnight I Campbell & D Bastin
2. Bandido Belowen Away J Manson
3. Branmere Cover Girl G Lohrey

Junior Bitch
1. Meahic Wild Temptation M & V Rogers
2. Davesand Pink Cadillac K & M Rackley
3. Phoenway Goldn Law S & S Tassan

Intermediate Bitch
1. Carbrook Naughty N Nice R Garland & S Allison
2. Ch Thasrite Legally Blonde S & S Tassan
3. Boxvale Just Add Spice B Lillicrap

Aust Bred Bitch
1. Ch Betalla I Am Brandy A & B Hunt
2. Ch Phoenway Femme Fatal C Graham
3. Meahic Hot Pants M & V Rogers

Open Bitch
1. Ch Betalla I Am Gilliam A & B Hunt

Challenge Bitch                 Ch Betalla I Am Gillian      A & B Hunt 
Res Challenge Bitch          Ch Betalla I Am Brandy     A & B Hunt


Best in Show, Open in Show    Ch Betalla I Am Gillian A & B Hunt


Runner Up in Show, Aust Bred in Show Ch Betalla I Am Brandy   A & B Hunt


Baby in Show      Sealuvin Jump The Queue     A & L Smitheringale


Opposite Sex in Show, Puppy in Show     Ozstock Grin N Bearit     J Manson

Minor Puppy in Show     Faydee Im A Beauty      G Schubel

Junior in Show    Phoenway Mud Sludge    S & S Tassan

Intermediate in Show     Carbrook Naughty N Nice     Garland & Allison

Opposite Baby in Show      Ascameda Dark Secret      D & D Free

Opposite Puppy in Show     Carbrook Rhythmothnight     I Campbell & D Bastin

Opposite Junior in Show     Meahic Wild Temptation      M & V Rogers

Opposite Intermediate in Show     Meahic Fast Flowing      M & N Feiner

Opposite Aust Bred in Show     Ch Bandido Supa Charged     J Manson

Opposite Open in Show     Kashminder Kick Back      T Sully







Class 1 - Baby Puppy Dog

1st Ascameda Dark Secret         Lovely outline, nice "together" movement, dark eyes, lovely bone. Shown well, a little bit wrinkly, lovely lip placement.

2nd Gracnbrook Sailors Son     More elegant than 1st place dog. Good topline and tailset, not as good in hindquarter as 1st place dog and a shade lighter in eyes. Also shown very well.

3rd Acscameda Just a Gigolo     Not as co-operative with handler as 1st and 2nd place dogs. Lovely square puppy. Movement OK.

General Comments: Thank you for a very nice class of babies.

Class 3 - Puppy Dog

1st Ozstock Grin N Bearit         Dark Brindle, tall, elegant, very good mouth and lip placement. Lovely topline and tailset. Good movement covers ground well. Lovely neck. Dark eyes.


2nd Boxamore Caldo Classico     Lovely dark eyes. A little over-angulated against 1st place dog. Lovely neck. Covered ground well on the move. Very close with 1st place dog.

3rd Natmons Under LocknKey     A little longer in body than 1st and 2nd place dogs. Lovely topline. Moved Well.

Class 4 - Junior Dog

1st Phoenway Mud Sludge         Nice mouth. Good topline and tailset. Lovely neck and hindquarters. Good expression. Moved well. A shade light in eye.


2nd Boxberry Star City        Taller than 1st place dog. Not as strong in hindquarter. Fully pigmented good expression. Lovely neck. Moved well.

Class 5 - Intermediate Dog

1st Meahic Fast Flowing         Shown well, very nice outline, little strong in head, moved well.  Lovely neck, nice bone and feet

2nd Meahic Lethal Weapon         Very nice dog. Showed Well. Dark eyes. A little too wrinkled spoiled expression. Not very co-operative with handler.

3rd Ch. Saxonee Flamin Hot      Compact Dog. Lovely expression and nice movement.

Class 10 Australian Bred Dog

1st Ch. Bandido Supa Charged     Red & White Dog very elegant. Lovely front. Long neck and dark eyes. Lovely expression (pleading!). Clean outline. Movement a little exaggerated but covers ground. Shown well.


2nd Grand Ch. Phoenway Baktothe Future     Showed well, a little weak in muzzle. Lovely topline and tailset. Nice eyes bad luck to meet younger dog in class. Lovely Boy!

Class 11 Open Dog

1st Kashminder Kick Back       Mahogany Brindle Beautiful dark eyes, lovely neck into shoulders, Long skirt spoils outline. Lovely expression.

2nd Ch. Thasrite Angels Brat       Lovely topline and tailset, moves well, not as good in hindquarter as 1st place dog. Nice feet, lovely outline.

3rd A&NZ Ch Valeska Hez Super (imp NZ)         Immature against others in class. Lovely outline and nice expression. Not working with handler. Lovely topline to tailset. Nice dark eyes.



Class 1a Baby Puppy Bitch

1st Sealuvin Jump The Queue      Tall, elegant baby. Showed well. Nice expression. Moved well.


2nd Ascameda Il Bacce Red & White.    Lovely body, feet and legs. Very good bone. Lovely expression, nice head.

3rd Natmons Buzzin Babe           Very nice baby. Good front, nice head and lovely eyes. Showed well. Unlucky to meet 1st and 2nd place bitches.

Class 2a Minor Puppy Bitch

1st Faydee Im A Beauty          Elegant bitch. Moves well, nice expression.


Class 3a Puppy Bitch

1st Carbrook Rhythmothnight       Brindle & white. Very showy. Nice expression, good mouth. Covers ground well has presence. Lovely neck, nice dark eyes. Good front. Lovely puppy.

2nd Bandido Belowen Away         Lovely expression. A little short in body. Nice topline and tailset.

3rd Branmere Cover Girl            Little longer in body than 2nd place bitch. Nice expression. Showed well.

Class 4a Junior Bitch

1st Meahic Wild Temptation          Cobby bitch. Nice expression, covers ground well. Good front, clean outline and nice eyes. Showed well.

2nd Davesand Pink Cadillac        Nice front. Covers ground well. Longer in body than 1st place bitch and not quite as good in head will mature. Lovely neck could be darker in eye.

3rd Phoenway Goldn Law            Plain bitch. A little rangy in body. Clean head. A touch long in muzzle. Lovely expression. Showed well.

Class 5a Intermediate Bitch

1st Carbrook Naught N Nice          Very showy. Moves well. Lovely body, nice topline and expression. Works well with handler, in very hard condition. Nice front and good mouth.


2nd Ch. Thasrite Legally Blonde       Nicely put together Red and White bitch. Not as good in head as 1st place bitch. Little longer in body with long skirt which detracted from outline.

3rd Boxvale Just Add Spice          Not as good in head as 1st place bitch. Lovely Bitch very Happy. Moved well. Long skirt which spoils tuckup. Nice feet.

Class 10a Australian Bred Bitch

1st Ch. Betalla I Am Brandy          Red and White. Shows well. Nice head, lovely outline. Long, round neck. A little long in body. Moves well. Nice feet, good topline and tailset, nice front. Very elegant


2nd Ch. Phoenway Femme Fatal        Elegant bitch. Nice front, topline and tailset. A little weak in muzzle.

3rd Meahic Hot Pants        Cobby Bitch. A little overdone in head. Short muzzle. Showed well. Lovely neck, nice feet and nice topline.

Class 11a Open Bitch

1st Betalla I am Gillian Tiger Brindle.       Very nice bitch. Shows well. Lovely neck, Topline and tailset. Lovely expression dark eyes. Nice hindquarters. Wanted to win showed herself off.



Thank you very much to the Queensland Boxer Club for the privilege to judge this show and for the good sportsmanship given to my winners. Both Rod and myself enjoyed our trip Brisbane and we hope to see you at the Boxer National 2004.



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