Queensland Boxer Club

Championship Show

6th June 2009

Judge :  Mr Robert Verhulst

(Tradonalee Boxers, Canada )


Baby Puppy Dog

1        Jetboom Dark Dreams of Lust                   Jonsson

2        Bandido Formula One                               Woodrow

3        Phoenway Choc Indulgence                     Tassan


Minor Puppy Dog

1        Kesdar Just Xtravagent                               Edmonds

2        Chizack Over the Moon (AI)                      Hobday


Puppy Dog

1        Boxvale Boogie Nights                               Campbell /Bastin


Junior Dog

1        Jetboom Hot Shot                                      Jonsson

2        Ozstock Over the Moon                             Smitheringale

3        Jetboom Flight to Fame                              Sadler & Jonsson


Intermediate Dog

1        Ch Saxonee Take No Prisners                     McArthur

2        Ch Suromar Misionimpossible                    Knox & Res

3        Ronin Memphis Meltdown  (Imp NZ)        Martin & Conway


State Bred Dog

1        Hogwartz Vessle Ov Victory                       Bryant

2        Phoenway Whistlers Choice                      Carstens


Australian Bred Dog

1        Ch Jetboom Bonfire Night                         Jonsson

2        Ozstock Even Almighty                              Woodrow

3        Faydee Landylad                                        Schubel



Open Dog

1        Tonup Cross Country Run                          Finnigan

2        Ch Sanlian Quintessential (Imp NZ)           McArthur/Murdoch

3        Ch Sanlian Makin It Easy for Meahic (Imp NZ)    Morrow


Challenge Dog:             Ch Jetboom Bonfire Night

Res Challenge:               Ch Saxonee Take No Prisners



Baby Puppy Bitch

1        Denes Forest Girl                                        Kelly

2        Phoenway Adictd Tochocolate                  Tassan

3        Phoenway Cookies N Cream                     Tassan


Minor Puppy Bitch

1        Kadence Elusive Encounter (Imp NZ)        Gibson

2        Treasurelea Prima Donna                           Poole

3        Kudirka Gypsy Song                                    Kelly


Puppy Bitch

1        Ronin Drunken Encounter with Sanlian (Imp NZ)   Martin & Owen

2        Ozstock Allabout Me                                  Ozstock Kennels

3        Bandido Oze Maid                                     Woodrow


Junior Bitch

1        Quasar Miss Money Penny (AI)                  Cassidy

2        Davesand Risky Business                            Rackley

3        Jetboom Morning Star                               Cooper


Intermediate Bitch

1        Kellynda A Perfect Blend                            Poole

2        Ch Chizack Innuendo                                Hobday

3        Ch Saxonee Times R A Changn                 McArthur


State Bred Bitch

1        Ch Boxvale Rockingupa Storm (AI)            Campbell /Bastin

2        Ch Carbrook Fame & Fortune                    Garland/Allison

3        Redbush Whistlers Passion                         Carstens


Australian Bred Bitch

1        Ch Boxbar Luck B ALady                            Ozstock Kennels

2        Carbrook Tellme U Loveme                       Garland / Allison

3        Davesand Funny Business                          Rackley


Open Bitch

1        Ch Toorork Golden Hope                          Morrow

2        Ch Carbrook Because of You                     Garland/Allison

3        Ch/NZ Ch Sanlian Elusive Dreams at Denem (Imp NZ)



Challenge Dog:             Ch Boxvale Rockingupa Storm (AI)

Res Challenge:               Ch Toorork Golden Hope 



Best In Show                Ch Boxvale Rockingupa Storm (AI)

2009 C CH Boxvale Rockingupa Storm (AI).jpg (93324 bytes)


Runner Up in Show        Ch Toorork Golden Hope

2009 C CH Toorork Gold Hope.jpg (95011 bytes)

Opposite Sex in Show    Ch Jetboom Bonfire Night

wpe9D.jpg (43788 bytes)


Baby Puppy in Show        Jetboom Dark Dreams of Lust

2009 C Jetboom Dark Dreams of Lust.jpg (90982 bytes)

Opp Baby Puppy            Denes Forest Girl

2009 C  Denes Forest Gir.jpg (96690 bytes) 

Minor Puppy in Show     Kadence Elusive Encounter (Imp NZ)

2009 C  Kadence Elusive Encounter (Imp NZ).jpg (96142 bytes)

Opp Minor Puppy           Kesdar Just Xtravagent

2009 C Kesdar Just Xtravagent.jpg (91222 bytes)


Puppy in Show                 Ronin Drunken Encounter with Sanlian (Imp NZ)

2009 C Ronin Drunken Encounter with Sanlian (Imp NZ).jpg (103077 bytes)

Opp Puppy                       Boxvale Boogie Nights        

 2009 C Boxvale Boogie Nights.jpg (97200 bytes)

Junior in Show                     Quasar Miss Money Penny (AI)(Imp NZ)

2009 c  Quasar Miss Money Penny (AI).jpg (102355 bytes)

Opp Junior                   Jetboom Hot Shot

2009 C Jetboom Hot Shot.jpg (96490 bytes)

Intermediate in Show     Kellynda A Perfect Blend

2009 C  Kellynda a Perfect Blend.jpg (100011 bytes)

Opp Intermediate          Ch Saxonee Take No Prisners

2009 C CH Saxonee Take No Prisners.jpg (94356 bytes)

State Bred in Show        Ch Boxvale Rockingupa Storm (AI)

2009_C_CH_Boxvale_Rockingupa_Storm_AI.jpg (93324 bytes)

Opp State Bred             Hogwartz Vessle Ov Victory    

wpe98.jpg (44246 bytes)


Aust Bred in Show         Ch Boxbar Luck B ALady

2009 C  Boxbar Luck B Alady.jpg (92093 bytes)

Opp Aust Bred              Ch Jetboom Bonfire Night  

wpe96.jpg (43855 bytes)


Open in Show               Ch Toorork Golden Hope 

2009_C_CH_Toorork_Gold_Hope.jpg (95011 bytes)

Opp Open                      Tonup Cross Country Run            

 2009 C CH Tonup Cross Country Run.jpg (95819 bytes)


Dear Club:

Thank you for the nice entry.

My first impression of your boxers was their heads.  I felt that your noses were a little short.

This gives the lost of the soft expression, and the balance of the head.  I found good straight mouths, but very close to the upper teeth.  Some when you opened the mouths you could not see the upper teeth.  

A few had the rounded teeth setting.  Others had a spoon shape, and undershoot.

I would liked to see a longer neck on a lot of your Boxers.  Several had short necks and heavy over the shoulders.

Some had bad movement coming and going.

Some had eyes were not the almond shape.  And some had light eyes.

Height in both Sex were correct, with good strong top lines.  Rears nicely and lots of muscle as they should be.

Good feet, and well arched.  Body length was good.  Nice and square.  Fronts were nice in most cases, and well let down between the front legs.  The lay back of should were not bad.

In an overview of the Boxers, we both liked the bitches over the males.

Sheila's view was she would liked to see a more elegant Boxer.  With the shorted neck and thick, it takes away the elegant Boxer.


Bob Verhulst




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