Open Show


Judge: Mrs S White


Minor Puppy Dog

1     Boxamore Caldo Classico                                 Jensen

Puppy Dog

1     Boxberry Star City                                             Rogers

2     Ozstock Grin N Bearit                                         Manson

Junior Dog

1     Meahic Fast Flowing                                         Feiner

Intermediate Dog

1     Aust Ch Bandido Supa Charged                         Manson

2     Boxvale Steal Ya Heart                                         Campbell/Bastin

3     Thazenbergshof Apollo                                         Libor

Aust Bred Dog

1     Meahic Lethal Weapon                                         Rogers

2     Faydee Millenium Man                                         Schubel

Open Dog

1     Aust & NZ Ch Valeska Hez Super (Imp NZ)         Shaw

2     Kashminder Kick Back                                         Sully


Best Dog Aust & NZ Ch Valeska Hez Super (Imp NZ)         Shaw

Reserve Dog Aust Ch Bandido Supa Charged                     Manson



Baby Puppy Bitch

1     Carbrook Rhythm ofthe Night                             Campbell/Bastin

2     Faydee Im A Beauty                                             Schubel

3     Britsky Let It Be Me                                             Grover

Minor Puppy Bitch

1     Bandido Belowen Away                                         Manson

2     Branmere Cover Girl                                             Lohrey

3     Branmere Elina                                                     Lohrey

Puppy Bitch

1     Meahic Wild Temptation                                         Rogers

2    Heromiari Ella Cornna                                            Libor

Junior Bitch

1     Valeska Cant Help Falln'n Luv (Imp NZ)                  Shaw

2     Meahic Hot Pants                                                     Rogers

3     Faydee Filicity                                                           Schubel   

Aust Bred Bitch

1     Aust Ch Ascameda Posh Spice                                Campbell/Bastin

2     Natmons Blitzem                                                     Agnew


Best Bitch Valeska Cant Help Falln'n Luv (Imp NZ)             Shaw

Reserve Bitch Meahic Wild Temptation                                 Rogers




Best In Show             Aust & NZ Ch Valeska Hez Super (Imp NZ)         Shaw

Reserve In Show     Aust Ch Bandido Supa Charged                                 Manson

Opp Sex in Show         Valeska Cant Help Falln'n Luv (Imp NZ)             Shaw


Best Baby Puppy in Show     Carbrook Rhythm ofthe Night                     Campbell/Basttin

Best Minor Puppy in Show     Bandido Belowen Away                             Manson

Opp Sex Minor Puppy             Boxamore Caldo Classico                         Jensen

Best Puppy in Show                 Boxberry Star City                                     Rogers

Opp Sex Puppy                         Meahic Wild Temptation                         Rogers

Best Junior in Show                 Valeska Cant Help Falln'n Luv (Imp NZ)     Shaw

Opp Sex Junior                         Meahic Fast Flowing                                 Feiner

Best Intermediate in Show         Aust Ch Bandido Supa Charged                 Manson

Best Aust Bred in Show             Meahic Lethal Weapon                             Rogers

Opp Sex Aust Bred                 Aust Ch Ascameda Posh Spice                     Campbell/Bastin

Best Open in Show                     Aust & NZ Ch Valeska Hez Super (Imp NZ)     Shaw


Thanks to our Judge, Sue White (who judged in sometimes heavy rain) and to our Show Manager/Steward/Writer, Athol Smitheringale, as well as our Show Sponsors, Plush Puppy.

And of course, thanks to all our competitors.

Sorry we didn't get any photos this time but the weather wasn't too kind. 


I hope everyone had a great night and we look forward to our Champ Show in June


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