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Qld Boxer Club Open Show  

.Open Show


Judge Mrs Margaret Broughton


Baby Puppy Dog

1                            K Poole                                              Keljamar Prince of Mischief

2                            S & S Tassan                                      Phoenway Phast N Phurious

3                            K Poole                                              Keljamar Mr Squiggle



Minor Puppy Dog

1                            I & D Campbell                                 Boxvale Crime OPassion



Puppy Dog

1                            J Howarth                                          Elkohe Fast and the Furious



Junior Dog

1                            A Morrow & J Rose                         Kesdar Dan the Man at Meahic

2                            N Harrison & M Thomas                Chelleason High Voltage (AI)

3                            K Hopper                                           Elkohe The Toy Boy



Intermediate Dog

1                            L McLaughlin                                    Jetboom Point of Interest (AI)

2                            B & D Lawson                                   Kirravindee Rum Rebellion (AI)

3                            K Kirk                                                  Kesdar His Masters Voice



Aust Bred Dog

1                            S Bryant                                             Hogwartz Drakaris



Open Dog

1                            B & D Lawson                                   Ch Kirravindee Kiss N Tell

2                            S & S Tassan                                      Ch Phoenway Fresh Prince Ofbelair (AI)



Best Dog              Kesdar Dan the Man at Meahic

Runner Up           Boxvale Crime OPassion




Baby Puppy Bitch

1                            A Hobday                                           Chizack Inna Spin

2                            L McLaughlin                                    McBoxa RU Guna B My Girl

3                            L McLaughlin                                    McBoxa RU Go N My Way


Minor Puppy Bitch

1                            K Hopper                                           Elkohe The Bomb

2                            S & S Tassan                                      Thasrite Charms Me Mum

3                            P McArthur                                        Saxonee Birds of a Feather



Puppy Bitch

1                            E Finlay                                              Saxonee Let Sparks Fly

2                            I & D Campbell                                 Boxvale Runswithpassion



Junior Bitch

1                            K Kirk                                                  Kamndak Tiny Dancer



Intermediate Bitch

1                            S Bryant                                             Hogwartz Lady of Winterfell

2                            B & D Lawson                                   Kirravindee Brief Luv Affair (AI)



Aust Bred Bitch

1                            B & D Lawson                                   Laykoda Lady Belladonna



Open Bitch

1                            I Campbell & D Bastin                     NZ Ch Ronin Runs with Scissors

2                            K Hopper                                           Ronin More Grinner-thn-Sinner




Best Bitch            NZ Ch Ronin Runs with Scissors

Runner Up           Saxonee Let Sparks Fly






Best in Show                      NZ Ch Ronin Runs with Scissors

Runner Up                          Kesdar Dan the Man at Meahic


Baby Puppy in Show         Keljamar Prince of Mischief

Opposite                             Chizack Inna Spin


Minor Puppy in Show       Boxvale Crime OPassion

Opposite                             Elkohe The Bomb


Puppy in Show                   Saxonee Let Sparks Fly

Opposite                             Elkohe Fast and the Furious


Junior in Show                   Kesdar Dan the Man at Meahic

Opposite                             Kamndak Tiny Dancer


Intermediate in Show      Jetboom Point of Interest (AI)

Opposite                             Hogwartz Lady of Winterfell


Aust Bred in Show            Laykoda Lady Belladonna

Opposite                             Hogwartz Drakaris


Open in Show                    NZ Ch Ronin Runs with Scissors

Opposite                             Ch Kirravindee Kiss N Tell