QBC Open Show

19th June 2007

Judge:  Mrs Michelle Hammond  ( N Qld )


Baby Puppy Dog

1.         Jetboom Northern Lights                                            Jonsson

2.         Kellynda Blend of th Best                                              Poole / Feil

3.         Jetboom Bonfire Night                                                 Jonsson


Minor Puppy Dog

1.         Sanlian Quintessential (Imp NZ)                                 McArthur/Murdoch


Junior Dog

1.         Hogwartz OrderofthePhoenix                                       Bryant


Intermediate Dog

1.         Phoenway WRX Turbo                                                      Tassan

2.         Scitech Scotch N Soda                                                    Sully


Aust Bred Dog

1.         Gr Ch Bandido Supa Charged                                      Woodrow


Open Dog

1.         Ozstock the I Tie                                                                Jonsson

2.         Gr Ch Saxonee Fuel the Fire                                           McArthur

3.         Ch Faydee Millenuim Man                                              Poole



Best Dog                               Ozstock the I Tie   

Reserve Dog                        Sanlian Quintessential (Imp NZ)




Baby Puppy Bitch

1.         Jetboom Vixen at Heart                                                 Jonsson


Puppy Bitch

1.         Jaksamlee Total Eclipse                                                   Mahoney

2.         Hogwartz Eternal Glory                                                   Bryant


Junior Bitch

1.         Sanlian Dreams APoppin at Jetboom (imp NZ)       Jonsson

2.         Bonnemme Scarlet Laydee                                            Poole

3.         Ozstock Bear Ya Soul                                                        Edmonds


Intermediate Bitch

1.         Ch Carbrook Because of You                                        Campbell / Bastin


Aust Bred Bitch

1.         Ch Kirkgate Whos Knockin                                              Mahoney

2.         Ch Saxonee Times on my Side                                       Murdoch

3.         Ch Sinyra Quest for Gold                                                 Feil


Open Bitch

1.         Ch Toorork Golden Hope                                                Morrow

2.         Kirkgate From a Distance                                                Mahoney

3.         Ch Meahic Hookd ona Feelin                                        McArthur



Best Bitch                             Ch Toorork Golden Hope

Reserve Bitch                      Kirkgate From a Distance



Best In Show                                    Ozstock the I Tie

Res In Show                                     Ch Toorork Golden Hope

Opp Sex In Show                           Ch Toorork Golden Hope


Baby Puppy In Show                     Jetboom Northern Lights

Opp Baby Puppy                           Jetboom Vixen at Heart

Minor Puppy In Show                    Sanlian Quintessential (Imp NZ)

Opp Minor Puppy                          -

Puppy In Show                                Jaksamlee Total Eclipse

Opp Puppy                                      -  

Junior In Show                                Sanlian Dreams APoppin at Jetboom (imp NZ)

Opp Junior                                       Hogwartz OrderofthePhoenix

Intermediate In Show                    Phoenway WRX Turbo

Opp Intermediate                          Ch Carbrook Because of You  

Aust Bred In Show                           Ch Kirkgate Whos Knockin

Opp Aust Bred                                 Gr Ch Bandido Supa Charged

Open In Show                                 Ozstock the I Tie

Opp Open                                       Ch Toorork Golden Hope



Best In Show/ Open in Show         Ozstock the I Tie  

Open BIS.jpg (132160 bytes)


Res In Show                                     Ch Toorork Golden Hope

Open Res IS.jpg (139380 bytes)


Baby Puppy In Show                     Jetboom Northern Lights

Open BPIS.jpg (155391 bytes)


The Queensland Boxer Club would like to thank all our entrants and congratulate everyone on helping us make our show a great day and we hope to see everyone (and a few more) back in Brisbane in June 2008.



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