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Health and Behaviour Articles


How to stop your puppy jumping on people

The Whys & Whens of Dog Vaccinations

Acepromazine Warning    


Thinking of Breeding your Boxer  

He just wants to say Hi - by Suzanne Clothier  (Aggression or appropriate response to rudeness?)


Boxer Health Links

American Boxer Club Health Articles


Kennel Cough


Hypothyriodism (American Boxer Club)  

Subaortic Stenosis


Cardiomyopathy / ARVC

Canine Ostiosarcoma   

Degenerative Myelopathy

Developmental Stages (including Fear Phases) 

Onion Toxicity in Dogs

Caring for your pets in hot weather 

Mast cell tumours

Dog Arthritis  

Caring for your older boxer   

Snake proofing your fence

Treating bites and stings