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The "Back" Exercise - Teach your dog to back up - by Shirley Davies

Toshi is the new Lure Coursing Champion   

Lure Coursing   

Rally Obedience 

.Why do agility with Boxers - by Sharon Steele

Two little words   - by Shirley Davies

Teach your dog the Automatic Sit  - by Shirley Davies

Teach your dog to Come - The Recall Exercise   - by Shirley Davies

Stay - by Shirley Davies

The Leave Exercise - by Shirley Davies

How to use words and tone of voice when training your dog - Shirley Davies

Teaching your dog to watch you - by Shirley Davies  

Teaching Scent Discrimination (Utility Dog)  from Dog Scouts of America

Food Respect - Don't Steal and Don't Bite - by Shirley Davies